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Submission Of Artwork

Ideas and designs are what make us work; we can only be as good as our artists. Luckily we have some of the best in the world in our team and we know what it takes to be the best year in, year out...Talent!

If you’re an aspiring or established designer and are looking for an outlet for your work then you are on the right page. Ideally you will have some work published or have some real world design experience, however if not don’t be disheartened, having an exceptional degree, portfolio or greeting related work will still give you an edge. We think of our studio as a family and have ‘generations’ of designers, starting from those who were there when we first started and successively as we have grown. Families are always getting bigger and we are hoping you will become a part of ours.

We travel extensively throughout the US and Europe over the year to present artwork to customers and exhibit at major several trade shows, allowing us to have a consistent stream of new work to show customers and our reaction time for producing designs for emerging trends is almost instant.

Our customers are very varied and cover all holidays and occasions, printing design on a multitude of surfaces, from greetings cards, bags and wrap to paper partyware, stickers, stationary and more. We always pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide breadth of artwork, with this in mind when submitting work we ask that you have holidays and occasions clearly in mind.

Christmas is a particular area where we excel and are always eager to see new artist’s take on traditions and trends. Other areas of specific focus are ‘New Baby’ and ‘Wedding’, with Valentine’s Day St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother and Father’s Day, 4th July, Halloween,, Thanksgiving being the other major holiday events. Happy Birthday and Everyday, Masculine and Feminine, Children, Tween and Teen are also key areas with very specific markets and trends.

For your initial submission we would like to see a range of your work and talent, it is advisable to look over the work on our website, use Pintrest or general trend research in the greetings and paper product field to align the pieces you choose with the types of work we are looking for.

. Please send low res files with your submission to, we will ask for you to send full files at a later time. We also want to know all about you, where you got started, what inspires you, your preferred formats and styles and anything else you think we should know about you should be included in your introduction email. We endeavor to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks, we cannot however provide any advice or critique to unsuccessful submissions.


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